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Hi there! I'm Keoni and this is my Simblr.

I play Sims 2 and so most of my post will be about that.

I don't mind WCIF's, so feel free to shoot those, or any other questions my way.

I do occasionally post something that isn't related to sims, but those post are pretty rare and will be tagged accordingly.

  • waaasabi said:

    hey I really love your BACC <3 and after seeing your latest update I wanted to ask what is the hair that you gave Kieran, I really need more male CC lol.hope it isn't a question you've been asked a bazillion times before.

    Hi! Thank you, I’m really glad you’re enjoying it! :3 

    Kieran’s hair is Kewai-Dou’s 2000, converted by Martini and I did the retexture with Lilith’s textures and Pooklet’s colors. I haven’t uploaded it yet, because I’ve been really lazy with preview pictures (and I also misnamed it 3000, oops) 

    Anyway, I’ve uploaded it here, in case you’d want it :)

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  • lovey626-sims2 said:

    Hi Been reading some of your Calypso BACC and it will take me some time to catch up but curious do you use an age mod ? Thanks

    Hi! :)

    I do actually. I use Pheaenoh’s age mod, found here. It’s set up like this:

    todders: 6 days

    Kids: 12 days

    Teens: 12 days

    Adults: 35 - 40 days

    Elders : 10 - 30 days

    I haven’t played with it much, Calypso Island is my first “big” sim project since I got it, but I’m liking it so far :)

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  • Finally finished playing the first round of Week 3. Time to edit those pictures :3

    Finally finished playing the first round of Week 3. Time to edit those pictures :3

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  • The first community lot on the island, finally :D

    It doesn’t have a name yet, but Lily paid for it with city funds. Right now it’s “decorative”, I still haven’t decided on how I want my school system. 

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  • vinoue93 said:

    Hey - is this sim available for download? =) /post/61914474033/keoni-chan-its-hafizeazales-birthday-so-i

    Hi :) 

    She is! I made her a while back for a trade with hafiseazale. Her hair was a bit different back then, but the rest is all the same sim. You can download her here :3

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  • feenia-sims said:

    Name two things you like about yourself, then pass it on to the first ten people on your dash. #TeamSelfEsteem. I hope you have a great day!

    I’m glad this meme thing is floating around in spring. My self-esteem is so low in winter, but once the sun is out again, I feel a lot better about everything, including myself XD

    1. I like my body. That’s probably an odd thing to like, and might sound conceited, but it (mostly) works as it should and after all the things I put it through in my teens, that’s something to be thankful for. 

    2. My hair. I like the length and the volume and that it low maintenance. All I need to do it the morning is brush it and I’m good to go :)

    Hope you have a great day too!

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  • Anonymous said:

    You're so awesome Keoni! I hope you don't mind if i ask wcif is the clock in post /post/73792278113/one-last-photoset-before-bed-some-of-the-inside

    Thank you! <3 *blushes 

    I don’t mind at all :) I “cheated” with that clock. I used LivingDeadGirl’s school clock, but it’s just decorative and I like the clocks in game to actually tell the the time. So I used boolprop snapObjectstoGrid false and stuck two of an_nas recolors of the llama clock onto it :3 

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  • Anonymous said:

    wcif i find the ninja outfits you've used in "the dragon scroll"? thank you :*

    Hi! Those ninja outfits came with Open For Business EP :3

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  • Anonymous said:

    Is the Sim in your sidebar your simself? Because she's really cute.

    No, that’s Lily Burkett from my BACC, without her glasses :3 

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  • Anonymous said:

    on visitor controller... should i have ban townies on my lot unchecked for a burglary to happen?

    I have no idea, to be honest. I don’t use the Visitor Controller myself, so I really have no experience in how it works and what it does :(

    Maybe one of my followers knows?

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  • Anonymous said:

    what are your fav eye makeups to use on ur sims?

    I have a whole bunch of eye makeup, but these are my favorites:

    Lilith’s Advent 2012 eyeshadows

    Voleste’s Nouk-Lite

    And for eye liners:

    Dragonmandy’s Retro Liners

    E-studio Natural Liners (their site is dead, but you should be able to get them at the Sims2Graveyard.)

    And their not technically eye makeup (since they’re in blushes), but I really love Jess’ white bottom liners (Pass Me By and It Wouldn’t Hurt). 

    Hope that helps! :3

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  • A day may come when I will remember to put a mesh I’m working on in Downloads when I’m testing it…

    But it is not this day… apparently *sighs 

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  • nixedsims:




    Not sure if this is needed, but I thought I’d still share this!

    A while ago, (like last year) my computer updated Windows 7, and afterwards all my sims had a weird black, opaque rectangle under their feet.

    I managed to search the problem, and found that due to the Sims 2 now being unsupported, there are only temporary solutions.

    The one that has worked for me is turning down my “Shadows” to medium. Unfortunately, you don’t get the highest amount, but at least you don’t have black rectangles!

    There is a very helpful thread at, here, with information about and fixes for this and other graphics problems (such as not getting smooth edges or a resolution above 800*600 because your graphics card isn’t recognised) that are not just “temporary solutions”. Just FYI. :)

    *saves for later reading*

    Thanks! I too have the “black rug” problem and I think my Shadows setting is already set to Medium.

    Another way of getting around it is to set simShadows to false in your graphics rules.sgr - that turns off the shadows for Sims (but only for Sims, not for objects) completely. The thread I linked to explains how - and I know Kiri, the author, is happy to help if needed. She’s saved the sanity of many a leefisher that way. :)

    Oh! I might have to try that, I miss my pretty shadows, but I couldn’t roll back my drivers because other games do need them to be updated. This is perfect :D

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