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Hi there! I'm Keoni and this is my Simblr.

I play Sims 2 and so most of my post will be about that.

I don't mind WCIF's, so feel free to shoot those, or any other questions my way.

I do occasionally post something that isn't related to sims, but those post are pretty rare and will be tagged accordingly.

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  • Anonymous said:

    Hello, could you tell me where to find the hanging coffee mugs from your 65 Ponston Lane kitchen?

    Hi there,

    This is kinda embarrassing, because I can’t tell you where I got them :( They’re a 3t2 conversion from Pocci’s hanging cup lights. They’re decorative only, and I have no idea where I got them. Maybe someone else knows? Sorry I couldnt’ be of more help :(

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  • I have utterly failed meshing a proper sailor collar :( Gonna try again tomorrow morning, because I’m sick of staring at this in milkshape XD Still have to figure out the gloves too. And my moon tiara mesh doesn’t layer with the necklace mesh D: Will have to fix that too.

    But anyway, yay! Sailor Moon sim! *hops away

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  • siminaiwen said:

    Hi meetme! Thank you for responding to my post! :) I definitely would love the details! :)


    I’ll make this public since others might use this advice too!

    How to avoid getting pre-made townies, NPCs, dormies, etc in your custom neighbourhoods without using empty templates from MATY.

    First check out my tutorial for disabling the steath ‘hoods on my LiveJournal if you haven’t. :) That will take care of a lot of it.

    For creating a new neighbourhood (not subhood), the only thing that needs to be disabled (in addition to the stealth ‘hoods) is the Pleasantview template (N001) in the base game folder. Instead of replacing it with an empty template, simply TAKE OUT the whole original template and put it in a new folder alongside the original one, the same way as described for the Bon Voyage stealth ‘hood. Voila! No more Goopy.

    To avoid pre-made dormies for University, the template you want to move away is U001 (Sim State University). Just do it the same way as with Pleasantview and V001/BV stealth ‘hood. (You could also use my clean template, which only has playables and no dormies, and therefore won’t spawn dormies in your custom universities.)

    And with Downtown and downtownies… You get the picture. Find D001 in the Nightlife folders, move it the same way as described above. Or use my clean downtown template. (The one without downtownies… obviously.)

    Of course, if you want Sim State or Downtown back in your game for any reason you have to move the templates back to their original location first! But that’s still easier than having to keep taking in and out empty templates.

    I don’t believe Bluewater Village spawns additional townies, but it’s been a long time since I made a custom shopping district. The same method would apply for it, anyway.

    I’m not sure about custom vacation destinations either (I have never made one), but I’ve uploaded the empty vacation templates from MATY (which I use myself) here.

    And that is that. I hope that helps!

    leslienv03 And @havanagilahava , this should answer your question about empty templates :3 Here’s the link to the stealth hood tutorial. And yes, you’ll need to do all of this before opening your hood for the first time :)

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  • WIP: Couldn’t find one I liked, so I decided to mesh my own. Ribbons, skirt and boots, check. Off to hunt for sleeves, gloves and a sailor collar :3

    WIP: Couldn’t find one I liked, so I decided to mesh my own. Ribbons, skirt and boots, check. Off to hunt for sleeves, gloves and a sailor collar :3

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  • Anonymous said:

    May I ask you wcif those bat lamps in your last post? :) Thanks in advance!


    Aren’t they awesome? I’ve been wanting to use these ever since I got them and I finally got a room they “worked” in :D

    Anyway, those are by Jessy, they were part of her 2012 GOS Advent set. You can download them here :3

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  • Decorating 65 Piston Lane

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  • I made a pun! *shot

    I saw these posters on a picture by wickedsims and I totally needed them in my game. And luckily the pictures were easy to find :)

    Anyway, 5 minimalist Sailor Moon posters on Surfing the Universe, so University is required. Art is by gallant-designs and magicblood. I changed the text on the first one to Simlish. 


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  • Not sure about the one with Usagi’s head, but I do like the other 4 *hops back to photoshop

    Not sure about the one with Usagi’s head, but I do like the other 4 *hops back to photoshop

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  • Slowly getting back into meshing clothes :3 

    Slowly getting back into meshing clothes :3 

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  • I was just going to test a mesh and a recolor in game, but I got a tiny bit carried away. 

    I should really finish that school building someday. 

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  • yun-sims said:

    Your sims are so cute :3 WCIF the hair of the redhead girl? ( post/91059231018/toddler-appreciation-post )

    Thank you! <3

    This one, right? That’s Newsea’s Miku and the retexture is one I did a while back. Here’s the link :3

    (And just in case you meant the other redhead, that’s Cazy’s Northern Star and it’s in the same post ^_^)

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  • ~ Toddler Appreciation Post ~ 

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  • Anonymous said:

    wcif the brick wall? /post/89668084094/pretty-much-what-it-says-on-the-tin-nengis-sea

    Hello :)

    They are part from a set by amovitamsim and you can find it here :3

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