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Hi there! I'm Keoni and this is my Simblr.

I play Sims 2 and so most of my post will be about that.

I don't mind WCIF's, so feel free to shoot those, or any other questions my way.

I do occasionally post something that isn't related to sims, but those post are pretty rare and will be tagged accordingly.

  • lisag45, I’ve gotten this question a couple of times, so I’m going to use yours to answer all of them, I hope that’s okay! :3

    I didn’t use a tutorial, but I tried a lot of things until I found the things that worked :) Lengthy explanation behind the cut, beware :

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  • I can has tourists! After lots of fiddling, reading and cursing, I finally got my custom tourists to work :)

    I can has tourists! After lots of fiddling, reading and cursing, I finally got my custom tourists to work :)

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  • Anonymous said:

    I love that red tank top your sim is wearing from midnight sun challenge. Could you send me the link please? :)

    Hi there! 

    It’s actually a full body outfit, anon, not just a top  :) It’s a shoe swap I did of io’s Gaelle outfit. I made it for a GOS Egg Hunt. Here’s a link with a picture, but the dowload link leads to my out-of-bandwidth Box. So here’s another link in case you want it :3

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  • For the SimSecret 007 OP  - 3 different “things” I do to my pictures and their originals. The originals are slightly darker than the game looks on my screen, because Fraps does something weird (Something with gamma settings. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it). But for this purpose, close enough.

    Anyway, from top to bottom: Holy Colours Batman, SnapDragon’s PSD and kind of a mash-up of both :) 

    I do have a lighting mod (spookiemuffin’s), but yeah the brightness is probably photoshop. I like brightly colored pictures, they make me happy :)

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  • 40
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  • Three Lakes

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  • game face

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  • At least I still have some leftover pictures from my first few days of playing Bethany.

    *sighs and fills queue

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  • MP3 player faces

    I usually don’t give my sims any portable devices, but I figured Bethany could do with some entertainment ^_^

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  • Axe Wood Campgrounds

    Undoubtably I’ll find a gazillion things wrong with it once I play it, but for now, this will have to do. Time to start playing  :)

    edit: wth picture 02, I selected you *glares and adds to post

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  • Seaside Cottage

    Legacy home

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  • Axe Woods Campground

    First travel destination: Three Lakes

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  • jettschae:

    Modish Kitten Bikini Recolors: Part I

    Okay, so!  I love this bikini but I wasn’t a huge fan of the dual-coloured top & bottom in the original version, so I worked all day on fixing it with photoshop, then proceeded to learn how to make a bunch of solid recolours of the bikini!  I plan to do more of these, but basically this was my learning project for “how to make sims 2 stuff” for me.  XD

    The mesh is included.

    Thank you to Keoni for helping me out with a bunch of my silly little questions!


    Original Mesh for TS3 by Modish Kitten

    Conversion to TS2 by Lemonlion

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