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Hi there! I'm Keoni and this is my Simblr.

I play Sims 2 and so most of my post will be about that.

I don't mind WCIF's, so feel free to shoot those, or any other questions my way.

I do occasionally post something that isn't related to sims, but those post are pretty rare and will be tagged accordingly.

  • Tree tending faces

    Usually I love Bethany’s face and I think she’s adorable, but her tree tending faces are scaring me XD

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  • Anonymous said:

    Omg where can i find the adorable baby outfit/cap with ears. I am dying of sims cuteness right now.

    I use the non-default version by Imalia from here, but the original outfit is by fakepeeps and you can get it here :) 

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  • Fishing faces

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  • casualpancakes said:

    gabriel's hair?

    Here you go :)

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  • Anonymous said:

    Hi Keoni~ In your most recent posts, Where can I find the freezer bunny sweater she was wearing? And where can I find the mod where you can change baby clothes, and can you tell me where you got all your baby clothes.

    Hi there!

    I’ve gotten quite a few asks about this hoodie, so I’m answering them all with this one post. 

    That hoodie was part if Nyren’s gift over at GOS. You can download it here.

    As for the baby clothes, I mostly use these  by Imalia and these ones I made myself. The second post also included a link to the baby clothes mod :)

    Hope that helps!

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  • Tiny pool party

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  • The first tomato harvest

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  • Gabriel’s birthday

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  • Greg has had enough

    (ノಠ ∩ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

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  • Encounter with Stinky Skunk

    Greg, you really are dumb as a bag of bricks, aren’t you? ಠ_ಠ

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  • Of course Bethany had to try the Chest Pound too

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  • Greg teaches Bethany the Chest Pound

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  • Greg… what are you doing?

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